Our Kennel Pets

Octoby’s Story

A Good Samaritan brought Octoby in as a stray cat who was injured, malnourished, and scared. He suffered traumatic injuries to the pelvic area, which had become very infected and subsequently infested with maggots. We cleaned out his wounds, removed the maggots, and got him started on antibiotics immediately. The healing process was a long one for Octoby but so worth it, he is now completely healthy and loving his life of leisure at the clinic. He loves to be held but insists that he sits up on your shoulder while you hold him. We are so thankful to have had the opportunity to help this amazing cat.


X-Ray’s Story

X-Ray is the adorable bearded dragon you see in our lobby. When we got her she was so small that she had to be fed in a Tupperware container. She is now a full grown dragon. She has a wonderful personality and enjoys getting lots of attention from the staff and clients. She loves being held so if you are in the clinic and would like to hold her please just let us know. We look forward to her greeting our clients for many years to come.

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